Pacsafe RFIDsafe V50 RFID Blocking Compact Wallet

by Pacsafe

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SKU 10551100

The sporty wallet that protects your cards against unwanted scans. With plenty of room for cash and cards, this wallet is made from material that blocks RFID signals to prevent skimming theft. Feel peace of mind when out and about, enjoying your everyday transactions.

  • RFIDsafe™ blocking material protects your passports and credit cards against unwanted scans
  • Cut-resistant security strap
  • Detachable strap you can remove when not in use
  • 5 card slots
  • RFIDsafe™ blocking pockets and material
  • Webbing with Dyneema® (no wire)

Height : 4.7 inch

Width : 3.5 inch

Depth : 0.4 inch

Weight : 0.15 lbs